Friends of Lake Sammamish

The vision of the Friends of Lake Sammamish is a community in which all members can share its natural beauty and serenity while maintaining safe access to neighbors, goods, services, schools, parks, and recreation. For a decade Redmond City staff and the Redmond Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee have worked diligently to design and fund an improvement project that would upgrade the road surface and traffic controls, enhance the street appeal, and increase safety along the parkway.

Five years ago the plan was adopted into the Comprehensive Plan and funds are available for the improvements in 2003. The project (1M City PDF) is ready to begin but some adjacent property owners complained to the city that their quality of life and safety would be diminished if northbound bicycle lanes were integrated into the parkway. They threaten to stop the project. It is our intention to reveal that these sentiments do not represent the majority of Redmond citizens and do not reflect how all users of the parkway will benefit from the parkway improvements.

For decades property owners adjacent to the parkway have enjoyed exclusive use of 20 feet of public right-of-way for boat and RV parking. Some adjacent property owners have successfully fought to resist improvements that would allow other community members to safely share this beautiful and valuable community asset. The City’s proposal to use 4 feet of the available 20 feet of public ROW have met heavy-handed resistance from this group who calls itself the West Lake Sammamish Homeowner’s Association. They claim it will recoup “their” land and diminish their way of life. Read more about the threat to improvements of this wonderful improvement proposal, join the Friends, attend the open house Tues March 4, fill out comment cards, sign the handwritten and online petitions, and envision a more appealing, safe, and friendly community.